Since mid 2016 we were working on upgrading all HB Ring chargers from wired to wireless, however we faced many challenges due to the stainless steel and gold housings of HB Rings and the limited space inside them. The housings did not let the electromagnetic fields to function easily and the limited space was even bigger challenge for fitting the charging units inside the HB Rings. However, after countless hours of engineering, many trials and errors, and thousand hours of testing, today we are happy to announce that all HB Rings are upgraded from wired to wireless charging.

Wireless charging makes sure that there is no wear on or around the charging pads inside HB Rings, making them much more reliable in long term. Moreover, it makes daily charging effortless. While with the old charger you had to align the charger contact pads, with the new wireless charging all you need to do is put your HB Ring in the crater inside the charger box and your HB Ring will be fully charged under 4 hours.

There are 4 sizes of craters, each for 2 sizes of HB Rings. This makes sure that each size of HB Ring sits tight in the crater and has the most efficient charging parameters.

Additionally, wireless charging let us make Single Piano Black charger box 30% thinner, making it much more convenient for daily use and traveling. As a result of reduced thickness we also had to upgrade from quadrant to pin hinges, which take less space and are more convenient to use.

The upgrade also included the Double Piano Black charger box, which now also comes with wireless charging, two craters and pin hinges. It is also 15% thinner than the older version.

The padding materials inside the charger boxes remain the same. The cream white soft padding is supplied by a Swiss manufacturer, while complete charger boxes are made by high-end jewelry box manufacturer in Germany. HB Ring chargers are still the most exquisite chargers in the world and now they are wireless.