We are excited to announce that HB Rings will be available again starting 31 March 2019* in a limited Red edition.

After our long perseverance in overcoming challenges, we are completing delivery of all previous orders, which will allow us a small capacity for further manufacturing of a limited series of HB Rings.
New HB Ring Red will be limited to 100 pairs only and will come at $1,190. HB Ring Red Solid Rose Gold limited to 5 pairs only, will come at $5,990. Both Red editions will come with Piano Black charger boxes with exquisite red inner padding.

For new orders, rings will be available in 16-21mm sizes only. The 22 and 23mm sizes will be removed from our lineup for Red edition. You can find your HB Ring sizes using our sizing guide and conversion chart. HB Ring Red will be available both in Rose Gold and Jet Black colors. HB Ring Red Solid Rose Gold will be available only in Rose Gold.

The price change is affected by the high cost of components, manufacturing steps, and large amount of handcrafting involved. Without this, HB Ring would not have their exquisite look, feel or functions. Taking all costs into account and applying the common pricing strategy, we would need to price HB Rings many times higher, yet we tried to keep it at the lowest point possible. The original HB Rings at their previous price will not be available again.
For new orders there will be no waiting time. HB Ring Red will ship within 3-5 days after submitting the order. The capacity will be limited to 25 orders per month.

For ordering HB Ring Red Solid Rose Gold at $5,990.00, an application form must be filled and have it approved. The capacity will be limited to 2 orders per month.

You can find the list of countries we ship to in our delivery, return and exchange policy.

Further, we will be giving away 5 pairs of HB Ring Red to our Instagram and Facebook followers, who are military, police or EMS couples.

Red edition HB Rings are another step in our pursue in making the most special rings ever made!

*The date of taking new orders is currently pushed back. New expected date will be announced soon.