Piano Black

While we are running behind the schedule with delivery of your HB Rings, we would like to share few more details on our Piano Black charger boxes, and what makes them so much special and different from other ring boxes available on the market.

*Pair of Single Piano Black charger boxes come as standard with all HB Ring orders.

To better understand how specific they are, we will be comparing it to one of the best polished black ring box that we could find. Such boxes usually cost $4-10. You can see it on the left in the picture bellow, poorly reflecting the sky. In contrast, on the right you can see our Single Piano Black charger box with an extreme high gloss finish, which reflects the sky, as if it was a mirror. Such high gloss uniform surface is achieved using 4 stage lacquering technique, typically applied on veneers in high end interiors.

Behind conventional ring box you can see standard brass hinges, which usually come not aligned and at very poor quality. Meanwhile, in our charger boxes you will find pin hinges, large part of which are hidden in the box structure.

Inside, conventional ring boxes usually come with silk imitating padding, which feels very rough at touch. On other hand, inside Piano Black charger boxes you will be greeted by soft padding, designed and supplied by local Swiss supplier.

Here are few more pictures of Single Piano Black charger box in hand, highlighting its extreme polishing level.

In the picture bellow, you can see a comparison of polished surfaces. Only last 2 boxes on the right, have perfect mirror finish, and are being prepared for shipping. 

Same applies to our Double Piano Black charger boxes, which come exclusively with Solid Rose Gold HB Rings. In the picture bellow, only the box on the right has passed the quality control, while the other ones will be discarded.

Currently there are no other ring boxes on the market, that even remotely come close to the quality and detailing of HB Ring’s Piano Black charger boxes.

We highly prioritize the quality and detailing of every component of HB Rings, which unfortunately causes setbacks when components need to be redone. For those of you who need an updated information on their order or need to cancel their order, please drop us an email on orders@thetouchx.com. We try to get back to everyone within 48h.