While our housings supplier is running behind the schedule, we thought we would share with you more on what comes with your HB Rings.

All HB Rings come in white minimalistic packaging inspired by Dieter Rams's ideology. You will find tags, with your ring size on your HB Ring. The tags also make sure that the rings are new when you receive them, and not used in case you need to change the size or simply return them.

You already know what makes our Single Piano Black charger boxes special from our previous post.They come in protective pouches to make sure they are guarded against any scratches during handling and shipping.

In the box, you will also find micro USB cables for each charger box, a first start guide and a history booklet, paying tribute to 6,000 years old history of rings.

Based on the feedback we received last August, we learned that many of you who ordered HB Rings, are living in different parts of the globe, in countries with different types of wall outlets. Matching each type or power adapter within one packaging would be more than challenging, and for people who often travel they might be at the end obsolete. Additionally, each packaging box would need to be different to accommodate different types, and taking into account that HB Rings are limited to 1,000 pairs only, it was not feasible. This is why we went with a decision not to include power adapters.

*The packaging box may differ depending on if the optional Double Piano Black charger box was ordered. Also, limited series of Solid Rose Gold HB Rings come in different boxes.