First pair of HB Rings Delivered.

We were so busy with the assembling process that we missed the chance to announce an important date. After long delay, and going through extreme difficulties in manufacturing and assembly, on July 21, 2017 we delivered our very first pair of HB Rings to one of our very first backer, a true supporter and a visionary person. On a following day HB Rings were exchanged in a private wedding ceremony, marking a historic date. 

We are now in process of assembling and delivering SA1000** orders and we will announce once we complete it. We are building them as fast as we can, yet when you have over 100 unique components in a ring, it noticeably slows down the production, testing and assembly processes. 

We want to thank all our longtime supporters and everyone who are patiently awaiting for their HB Rings.

*Once we have your HB Rings ready, we will contact you to double check your ring sizes and shipping address. 
**For Solid Rose Gold HB Rings, we will shortly follow up with an update, since working with solid gold is order of magnitude harder and it takes much longer time to prepare them. 
***Owners of currently delivered HB Rings were given direct access to HB Rings applications. We will post an update once both iOS and Android applications are available for public download soon.