HB Rings were designed to let you see and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one no matter where you are. However, some of you might noticed that we avoid mentioning that HB Rings have any type of physical feedback motor or any other means of giving physical feedback. In course of last few months we received many emails asking if the term "feel" was rather metaphorical, and our answer was yes, but that's only up until now.

From the early days of development we were sure that HB Rings should have a physical feedback, and one should be able to feel the pulsing heartbeat of loved one. However the smallest and the least consuming motor was still too big and power hungry to be included in HB Ring. Nevertheless, we intentionally left space inside HB Ring for one, with a certainty that we will be able to find the right fit. After years of search, study and testing, we are more than happy to announce that all HB Rings will come with a physical feedback motor letting you literally feel the pulsing heartbeat of your loved one.

During last few years we tested many types of different vibration and haptic motors, with various sizes and parameters. Unfortunately the smallest haptic motors were not powerful enough to be felt on the hand, meanwhile we were able to find eccentric rotating mass motors and fine tune them to give closest possible feeling of having your hand on the pulse of your loved one. The physical feedback motor which we use is currently the smallest in the world and is over 30% smaller than similar motors typically used in such applications.

In addition, one of the biggest challenge was to manufacture housings with a deepening which can accommodate the motor. The deepening's needed to be made by pressing rather than machining, which makes them much more aesthetic in detail. 

The experience of physically feeling the heartbeat is so much more intense, that we couldn't simply compromise it. Meanwhile, unfortunately there will be short delivery setback connected with adding the physical feedback motors. We will soon post updated delivery schedule for all orders.