Delay Update

Unfortunately, we are running behind our latest delivery schedule. We were expecting to have completed shipping of our first batch of first 250 pairs HB Rings by early April, however our suppler of HB Ring housing had an additional setback. The update in HB Rings housings was needed due to update from wired to wireless charging. The decision to switch to wireless charging was based on long term testing which revealed that charging pads are being worn off after few months of typical charging cycle. We posted on this earlier.

Some of you may wonder what is the big deal with making stainless steel/gold housings. Well, there are thousands of watches that have stainless steel/gold housings in various shapes and forms. However, when it comes to HB Rings, the complexity comes to the fact that it is only 0.49 mm thin, has holes in it for heartbeat sensors and a deepening to accommodate the physical feedback motor. In addition, it has 0.025 mm tolerances to make sure that all components properly fit together. The complexity further adds up by the fact that stainless steel/gold housings are fitting around a sapphire housing. Smallest derivation can cause complete incompatibility of components and inability to assemble them.

This is another feature that makes HB Ring extremely complex. There are no other rings on the planet that have sapphire housings. The only other products that feature sapphire housings are high-end watches such as Richard Mille RM 056 at $1.65 million or Hublot Big Bang UNICO sapphire at $60,000. Of course, these watches come with extremely complex movements, but also a matching price tag. For HB Rings the complexity of sapphire is that it is only 0.95mm thin.

There have been many products in history that have been delayed: White iPhone 4 – over 9 months, Apple AirPods – over 4 months; Tesla Roadster – over 2 years; Tesla Model S – over 3 years. This list can go on and on, and we were trying not to get into this list, but we are now. This also means that we choose a challenging task. While HB Ring is certainly not as complex as a car, yet when it comes to device so small, and made of sapphire and stainless steel/gold, with extremely tight tolerances, the complexity takes a whole new meaning.

We have many people who ordered HB Rings for their Wedding or Engagement, and this what makes us feel most of all terrible about delay. We have a great support from many of you and we believe that it is better to deliver HB Rings with a delay than not to deliver them at all. Furthermore, we can’t wait to ship your HB Rings, to officially disrupt a 6,000 years old history of a product that is part of everyone’s life.

We offer full refund for anyone who wants to cancel their order. 
We are currently waiting for an updated delivery information from our housings supplier and we will follow up in coming days with updated delivery schedule.