Over the course of last few weeks we have been inspecting and preparing HB Ring components for assembly.

HB Ring's sapphire housings, polished and coated in black. They further undergo two more technological steps before they are connected with gold/stainless steel housings. For those who have not been following our previous updates: for coating the sapphires we built highly complex special machinery, and developed multi step processes, to allow applying special coating inside the sapphire housings. It is one of the key aspects that makes HB Ring highly unique and absolute nightmare to replicate. We are short-spoken on details what does the technology or the processes involve, to maximally protect the know how.

Our gold/stainless steel housings, at 10x magnification. They are manufactured with general acceptable tolerance of +/–0.03 millimeters, while for some specific dimensions it is as low as +/–0.003 millimeters. This is absolutely unseen and never before achieved in jewelry industry. In terms of precision and tolerances involved, the manufacturing of the housings are similar and partly superior to manufacturing of high end mechanical wristwatches.

The HB Rings sensor glasses are manufactured from special glass that allows the HB sensors to read the precise heartbeat, while hiding the inner components form naked eye.  The glasses are held in stainless steel frame, which is later assembled on HB Ring housing’s body. 

Majority of companies avoid such challenging materials and surface finishes, since they make all processes highly complex, expensive and time demanding. Throughout last years, we were offered countless times by our component suppliers to simplify the materials and surface finishes. However, we did not compromise any detail of HB Ring, instead we changed the supplier. We are proud to pay scrupulous attention to details, at any cost.

This are some of the aspects that make our manufacturing process rather slow. We understand that many of you ordered HB Rings strictly for their functionality, and our current delay in shipping is not acceptable for you. We offer full refund to everyone who decides to cancel their order. We were set to make something extremely unique and exquisite, and there is no shortcut to that.

Pictures from the assembly process coming soon. 

*Before shipping your HB Rings, we will be contacting you to double check your shipping address and ring sizes.