04 / Jul / 2019
Military, Police or EMS Personal Discount

We are glad to announce that we will be offering 10% discount to military, police or EMS personal for our HB Ring orders.

For more information and verification, please contact us at info@thetouchx.com

30 / Jun / 2019
Ring Size Exchanges

During last 2 years of shipping we learned that over 30% of our customers need one or both ring size replacements. We recommend using our conversion chart, which we found is the most accurate in finding best fitting HB Ring size for you.

If you need help finding your HB Ring size, please contact us at info@thetouchx.com

07 / May / 2019
Emails and Shipments

Currently we are receiving large amount of emails and due to this, our replies can take longer than usual.

As we are shipping more and more orders, many require ring size exchanges and it takes considerable amount of our processing and shipping capacity. Those of you who are waiting for your HB Rings or the replacement rings, please bear with us until we reach you with confirmation of shipment.

Thank you for your patience with us during this busy time!

14 / Mar / 2019

We are excited to announce that HB Rings will be available again starting 31 March 2019 in a limited Red edition. After our long perseverance in overcoming challenges, we are completing delivery of all previous orders, which will allow us a small capacity for further manufacturing of a limited series of HB Rings.

*The date of taking new orders can be pushed back, in case delivering previous orders is not completed by then.

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20 / Dec / 2018
December 2018 - Shipping

Our updates have been more scarce than ever before, as all our team is hands in assembling, testing and shipping HB Rings as quickly as possible. Even though we are still at a level of a boutique operation with about 50 orders shipped per month, we are closer than ever before on completing delivering all HB Rings. They carry for us a huge historic value and they are the most special rings ever made.

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30 / Sep / 2018
Optimal Usage & Battery Life

In our previous post we covered details on the battery life on HB Ring, but since then we came to learn that some of you use HB Rings only at special occasion, and do not charge your rings daily.

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12 / Jul / 2018
New Packaging

Those of you who received your HB Rings during this week might have noticed that the packaging was different than what we had shown on our website earlier on.

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12 / Jul / 2018
Double Piano Black charger boxes

As we received some Solid Rose Gold HB Rings for ring size replacement, which included the Double Piano Black charger boxes, we noticed that some of boxes had damaged corners near the hinges.

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24 / May / 2018
Privacy Policy Update

To address the new European data protection laws (GDPR) we have updated our privacy policy. We simplified terminology and added additional clarity on what data we collect, how it is processed and the control that you have over it. You can read our updated policy here. By using our website www.thetouchx.com and HB Rings on or after May 25, 2018, you agree to the revisions.

12 / Jul / 2018
Delivery Update – July

We have been silent during last 8 weeks as our forces were completely focused on completing to deliver all Solid Rose Gold HB Rings. Each Solid Rose Gold order took us 8-10 times of the man-hours to complete compared to stainless steel HB Rings. Nevertheless, we can finally say that last week we completed delivering all Solid Rose Gold HB Rings orders with an exception of 1–2 orders that needed ring size change.

Currently we are fully back in assembling and sending out stainless steel HB Rings, however some of the sizes such as 16–18 mm and 22–23 mm rings are held back in assembly due to small changes in the sapphire housing lighting assembly.

We do our best to ship out all orders ASAP, and though we feel the pain of 15 months delay, we strongly believe that delivering them with a delay is better than not delivering them at all.

For those of you who can’t wait for their rings anymore, we still offer full refund at a request.

15 / May / 2018
Difference between Solid Rose Gold HB Rings and HB Rings?

Back, while taking pre-orders we were often asked what is the difference between Solid Rose Gold HB Rings and standard HB Rings in rose gold color. 

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14 / May / 2018
What is special about HB Ring application?

While we are in the process of assembling HB Rings, we would like to give more insights about the HB Ring application.

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12 / May / 2018
HB Ring Battery life

We have been recently receiving few questions regarding HB Rings battery life expectancy in real life conditions.
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30 / Apr / 2018
Shipping – Solid Rose Gold HB Ring 

Last 8 weeks were completely taken by assembly of Solid Rose Gold HB Ring.

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27 / Feb / 2018
Museum of Communication

This pair of Rose Gold 17mm/Jet Black 21mm HB Rings do not belong to us, nor to a customer.

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19 / Feb / 2018
The Smallest HB Ring

We started delivering first HB Rings since July 2017, but some of you may know that all this time size 16mm HB RIngs were in backorder. This was due to the fact that some of the components refused to fit in its incredibly small radius, deispite all the previous calcualtions and prototyping. We spent last half year modifying number of components, to make sure we are able to complete them. All the modifications were done while keeping all its orgignal functions, such as the physical feedback and the all-around lighting. It's a long awaited achievement for us, and further we are happy to say that last week we shipped out our first order with 16mm Jet Black HB Ring.

In the picture above you can see the size contrast between Jet Black 16mm and Jet Black 21mm HB Rings.

19 / Feb / 2018
Double Checking Your Rings Sizes.

Based on our experience from exchanging ring sizes for the orders we delivered, we would like to give some additional tips on double checking your rings sizes. To double check your rings size you can use the size chart that you received by post (for 2016 orders) or our online Size Chart.

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18 / Feb / 2018
Returning Your Order

As we recently had our first returned order, we would like to kindly remind all of you to not remove the security tags “CANNOT BE RETURNED IF REMOVED” from your rings, until you make sure that you are going to keep them.

Also, please handle the Piano Black charger boxes with extreme care, since due to the exquisite high gloss finish, they are extremely costly to make, and in order for us to issue full refund for the return, they should be in original condition.

We try to be understanding for any return due to our delay, as well as, since it’s a completely new type of product, but even the most generous return policies needs to be followed for the interest of both parties involved.

31/ Jan/ 2018
Delivery & Import Taxes

We would like to remind everyone who ordered HB Rings, that all orders are shipped from EU, and orders with shipping addresses out of EU and US, may be subjected to import taxes.  If you decide that you do not want to pay the import taxes, the package will be returned to us and the return shipping fees will be deducted from the final refund amount. For more information please see our Terms and Delivery/Returns pages.

02 / Jan/ 2018

We want to thank all of you for your incredible support during past year. Instead of looking back, we would like to project forward into 2018.

Currently, alongside with delivering orders, we are in constant process of expanding HB Ring's assembly floor. This allows to keep all the handcrafting steps, while increasing assembly volume, with projection of reaching 50 pairs per week before end of January, and completing delivering all HB Rings by first quarter of 2018. We know that our manufacturing volumes are incredibly small, yet we believe that immense amount of handcrafting raises their value and resonates with HB Ring's mission. We received number of letters supporting the concept of handcrafting, in contrast of having an overseas company manufacture them in thousands of pieces, and drop ship them to you.

After having delivered all HB Rings, we plan to take our time to better understand which way the history will go further. HB Ring was ahead of its time with design, technology and materials, and we are incredibly lucky and proud, that we were able to complete them 100% as initially intended.

Further, to answer the question that we get often asked, we do not plan to introduce 2nd generation HB Ring anytime soon, yet, for current HB Rings, we have some really exciting and historic announcement coming later this year. We believe 2018 will be an incredible year full of new historic milestones, and alongside making history, we intend to be bound to our mission to make the most personal tools that ever existed.

We wish you all a wonderful New Year! 

For those of you who sent us holiday gifts, while still waiting for your HB Rings, we believe there is no other company in the world, that has the incredible support that we do, and it means a lot to us.

27 / Nov / 2017
Solid Rose Gold Delivery

For those of you who ordered Solid Rose Gold HB Rings, we would like to give an overview on our progress and delivery status.

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27 / Nov / 2017
Shipping Progress. Updated Delivery Schedule.

As we are slowly but steadily delivering first HB Rings, we want to give an overview on our current progress.

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7 / Nov / 2017
Updated HB Ring Application

We added an new line to our application, which we call “Saved Heartbeat”. If the heartbeat of your loved one was just received, you will see next to it “Now” and it will respectively change to indicate how long ago it was received.

Meanwhile, as we were short on updates last 4 weeks, we were working really hard on solving an important issue with the both mobile and HB Ring software. We had reports from our early users, that on iOS devices with latest operating system, the real time heartbeat exchange was sometimes delayed by 7-15min. Even though we received a confirmation that this issue is caused not on our side, we done everything possible to bypass it, since real-time heartbeat exchange is one of the most important function of HB Ring. We are more than happy to announce, that after long battle with many lines of code and numerous versions tested, the reported issue is completely solved. 

If you do not have HB Ring application yet, you can download it here. Also, we added a dedicated page to address all known issues and how to troubleshoot them.

6 / Nov / 2017

We just added a new page to How To section, where you will find reports of current known issues that you may encounter while using your HB Ring and how to troubleshoot them.

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17 / Oct / 2017

We often mention that there are many molds involved in making HB Ring, and while we cannot share detailed description of each of them, we made a simple calculation to give you an idea of how many of them are involved in making each HB Ring.

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30 / Sep / 2017
How To Use HB Ring

HB Ring has three functions:
-Real-time heartbeat
-Saved heartbeat
-Surprise me

Before using your HB Ring, make sure you download and log-in into HB Ring application.

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18 / Sep / 2017
Postponed Shipping

We had to postpone shipping for few orders in early September, as we needed to update software for all HB Rings. Currently shipping is resumed. You will receive a notification from us, once your order is ready to ship.

14 / Sep / 2017

We want to thank those of you who send us touching and compassionate emails of support and encouragement due to the delay. We are humbled and proud to make HB Rings for you.

Meanwhile, during last few weeks we had few instances of receiving emails with threats from some of you who are not happy with the delay. In such cases, we have no other choice than to cancel the order and issue a refund. We put enormous effort in making HB Rings the way they are, and we want each of very few HB Rings that we make, to be in hands of those, who will greatly value them.  

Also, please note that we only refund to the original payer and using the payment method originally used. We do not refund or issue checks to partners or family members, due to legal reasons.  

As stated in our Terms "We retain rights to cancel or suspend orders, if information provided by customer is false or misleading, as well as for other unauthorized, inappropriate or harmful activity". Those of you who ordered HB Rings, and are not comfortable with the ongoing delay, we strongly encourage you to cancel your order and receive full refund.

01 / Sep / 2017
We do not take new orders.

We keep receiving dozens of emails and messages a day asking when we will be taking new orders. Unfortunately, we have to announce that we did not take any new orders instead of canceled ones (with an exception of 4 orders taken in April 2017), and we do not plan to do so. We also won't take any new orders for a new batch.

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30 / Aug / 2017
Why assembly takes so long?

We would like to address concerns on why assembly of each HB Ring takes so long.

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29 / Aug / 2017
Updated Schedule

We are currently in process of assembling and delivering of our first batch, however unfortunately the assembly process of each HB Ring takes much longer than initially expected.

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25/ Aug / 2017
How To Pair Your HB Ring With Your Phone?

For those of you who already received your HB Rings here is a simple guide on how to pair your HB Ring with your phone.

Make sure you already downloaded and logged in into HB Ring application.

IMPORTANT! Follow this process one ring at a time, to make sure each HB Ring is paired with right phone.

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21 / Aug / 2017
Convert Ring Sizes

We made a simple conversion chart to help those of you who are still wondering which size will fit you the best.

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17 / Aug / 2017
HB Ring Application

Since today you can find our HB Ring application both in App Store and Google Play. The application serves as a hub for transferring your heartbeat from one HB Ring to another.

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31 / July / 2017
Solid Rose Gold

We just recently delivered our very first HB Rings in Jet Black, and we are simultaneously working on the assembly of Solid Rose Gold HB Rings, as they are part of the first batch shipping.

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30 / July / 2017
First Pair of HB Rings Delivered

We were so busy with the assembling process that we missed the chance to announce an important date. After long delay, and going through extreme difficulties in manufacturing and assembly, on July 21, 2017 we delivered our very first pair of HB Rings to one of our very first backer, a true supporter and a visionary person. On a following day HB Rings were exchanged in a private wedding ceremony, marking a historic date.

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29 / June / 2017
Updated Schedule

As we are fully in assembly process, we had a chance to reevaluate the speed of assembly and update our estimated delivery timeline. 

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27 / June / 2017
Assembly Process

Pictures from our assembly process. 

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5 / June / 2017

Over the course of last few weeks we have been inspecting and preparing HB Ring components for assembly.

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10 / May / 2017
Updated Housings

Our long awaited HB Ring housings updated for wireless charging.

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10 / May / 2017
Updated Schedule

After long waiting, our new HB Ring housings updated for wireless charging are finally in stock. They went through quality and tolerance control, and now they are getting ready for final assembly.

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25 / April / 2017

While our housings supplier is running behind the schedule, we thought we would share with you more on what comes with your HB Rings.

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23 / April / 2017
Delay Update

Unfortunately, we are running behind our latest delivery schedule. We were expecting to have completed shipping of our first batch of first 250 pairs HB Rings by early April, however our suppler of HB Ring housing had an additional setback.

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7 / April / 2017
Piano Black

While we are running behind the schedule with delivering your HB Rings, we would like to share more details on our Piano Black charger boxes.

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10 / March / 2017
How to measure your ring sizes

In this post you will find the steps needed to help you use our size chart and find your correct ring sizes.

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7 / March / 2017

Some of you who pre-ordered HB Rings starting March 2 might receive additional email regarding your payment being processed. This does not mean that you were charged twice, but that your payment was processed only now.

2 / March / 2017
Pre-orders open

We will be taking new pre-orders for HB Rings starting March 2nd, 9:00 am PST time. New pre-ordered HB Rings will be scheduled for mid 2017 delivery. Also, please take into account risks associated with possible delays in shipping, as we currently have few months setback for previous orders.

To find our your ring sizes, please use following size chart

23 / February / 2017
New pre-orders

We would like to announce that we will be taking new pre-orders starting March 2. We expect to have around 220 pairs of HB Rings available at $599.00 for pre-ordering. These are HB Rings left from last pre-order round, as well as from canceled orders. For pre-ordering Solid Rose Gold HB Rings at $2,990.00, application form must be filled and have it approved. More information on this will be posted soon. The new ordered HB Rings will be scheduled for mid 2017 delivery. Meanwhile you can use our online size chart to find your correct ring sizes. Also, please check our Terms and Delivery conditions.

22 / February / 2017

Currently we have over 25,000 signups for pre-ordering HB Rings, and we are under tremendous pressure. We daily receive dozens of emails asking when we are going to take new orders. Some people even go beyond that, offering us to pay higher price for HB Rings, if they can take place of others in our order list. Unfortunately up until now we were held by administrative matters regarding taking new orders, but currently they are resolved and we are preparing to take new pre-orders for remaining HB Rings of first limited series. The exact date of opening new pre-orders and remaining number of HB Rings will be announced tomorrow. To our best knowledge HB Ring is currently the most demanded ring in the world.

31 / January / 2017
Updated Schedule

One of our component supplier had to be replaced by backup supplier earlier this month which created a setback. The setback will affect all HB Ring orders. Please see current shipping schedule here.

27 / January / 2017

HB Rings were designed to let you see and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one no matter where you are. However, some of you might noticed that we avoid mentioning that HB Rings have any type of physical feedback motor or any other means of giving physical feedback. In course of last few months we received many emails asking if the term "feel" was rather metaphorical, and our answer was yes, but that's only up until now.

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25 / January / 2017

Since mid 2016 we were working on upgrading all HB Ring chargers from wired to wireless, however we faced many challenges due to the stainless steel and gold housings of HB Rings and the limited space inside them. The housings did not let the electromagnetic fields to function easily and the limited space was even bigger challenge for fitting the charging units inside the HB Rings. However, after countless hours of engineering, many trials and errors, and thousand hours of testing, today we are happy to announce that all HB Rings are upgraded from wired to wireless charging.

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6 / January / 2017
New Year

It took many years to reach the point where we are now and we are closer than ever before to let you feel something that you never felt before.

13 / December / 2016
New sizes

Earlier this month we received number of emails from our customers asking if we do not plan to offer sizes bigger than 21mm, since it was too small for them. Based on this, we analyzed our ring size statistics and new size requests, and found that about 2% of our customers need sizes bigger than 21mm. Even though manufacturing of each new size is highly costly and requires many custom tools and molds, we made a decision that we are going to make size 22 and 23mm, in addition to the 6 sizes that we currently offer.

For those of you who already ordered HB Rings and think that you might need bigger size, you can check our special size chart here:

22 / November / 2016

We have recently switched to over 2 week update schedule, as we are preparing more media content, rather then news and updates. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for the new content.

8 / November / 2016
We got them.

We started to receive back size charts with notes that “delivery was not successful”. Currently we got returned envelopes from Canada, Hawaii and Qatar. While it is really special to think that those envelopes traveled half the world and back, we wish you would have them instead. For those of you who still did not receive their size chart, please contact us at: orders@thetouchx.com

25 / October / 2016
Your ring sizes.

We have been sending out size chart to everyone who ordered HB Rings during August, but there have been many delays with postage for many locations and many charts were lost on their ways. Taking this into account for upcoming orders we will not be sending size charts, but we will let you print your own and find out your ring sizes right away. You can find our size chart with the instructions below.

18 / October / 2016
Waiting list.

Currently we have over 10,000 people who signed up to be notified when HB Rings are available again. We have in plan to take more orders soon with early next year shipping, while also, we are working on raising our manufacturing volumes in order to accommodate large order numbers by mid 2017. For those who signed up, we will send an email soon notifying that the orders are opened again.

12 / October / 2016
Remote locations.

Currently we do not have any size submissions for orders from bellow mentioned countries. If your shipping address is in one of those countries and you still did not receive your size chart, you do not have to worry, it may take few more days before it arrives.

Australia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

There are no deadlines for submitting your sizes. We will post more information on this also next week.

04 / October / 2016
First submissions.

We received HB Ring size submissions for majority of orders with European shipping address. We look forward to receive size submissions for rest of the orders during following days.

29 / September / 2016
All size charts are sent out.

As of today, all HB Ring size charts are sent out. Typically you should receive your chart before 10th October, however for remote locations it may take few more days. On your size chart you will see all the instructions on finding your ring sizes and submitting it back to us.

27 / September / 2016

We received many emails asking us if HB Rings are waterproof. The answer is yes, all HB Rings are waterproof, and can easily withstand rain or hand washing. However, we don't recommend submerging HB Ring in water deeper than 1m for long period of time.

23 / September / 2016
The size charts.

We started to send out charts last week, but after first few dozen charts we noticed that tolerances are not as expected. We went with ordering new charts with a new cutting tool, as the inner circle of HB Rings is not a complete circle, but has a special shape. If you do not receive your chart by October 10, please contact us.

20 / September / 2016
Our first giveaway.

We are happy to announce that the first pair of HB Rings from our giveaway program goes to Kennedy S. We are also happy to announce that this is not our last giveaway. 

13 / September / 2016
How to choose your ring sizes?

This week we are starting to send out size charts to everyone who ordered HB Rings. After receiving your letter, you will find all the instructions inside.
*If you moved or your address have changed, please contact us as soon as possible.

6 / September / 2016
What it comes in?

During last 8 months we tried few color variations with different paper texture, and some of them you might even have noticed in our behind scenes photos. Nevertheless, after long questioning and deep consideration we decided to keep it maximally simple for both, color and texture of the paper.

5 / September / 2016
Want to be notified?

We are still getting a lot of messages and emails asking us when the pre-orders will open again. We do not manage to get back to everyone, so we added a special sign-up form, which you will find on the bottom of pre-order section.


31 / August / 2016
The last day.

We would like to thank everyone who decided to join us and be part in opening a new page in 6,000 years old history.

It has been a crazy month and we received well over 5,000 emails, with words of support to the idea and the hard work that we put behind HB Rings. Soon, we will be sending out size charts to everyone who ordered HB Rings. Those of you who will be moving or provided us wrong address during the order process, please let us know as soon as possible.

And this is not the end. From now on, we will be posting every Tuesday to keep you updated on the process.

30 / August / 2016
The value.

We keep repeating that HB Rings are made of sapphire and rose gold or stainless steel, but that’s not what makes them valuable. We would like to sum up the functions of HB Ring, that make it so much more than just precious materials.

  • HB Ring lets you see the real-time heartbeat of your loved one, once you tap it.

  • HB Ring always saves the last recoded heartbeat of your loved one in your ring, and shows it to you when the real-time heartbeat is not available.

  • HB Ring can automatically show you the real-time heartbeat of your loved one, pleasantly surprising you during the day.

29 / August / 2016
Why millimeters?

Since the early days of making HB Ring we knew that size charts and conversations are a major problem in our industry. There are over 12 different measurement types and three different units currently used, and they are more than confusing. During the last decade, millimeters were the most common and simple unit for measuring innovation, and that's why we decided to choose it.

For those who ordered HB Rings, we will be sending out a physical size chart for choosing their right ring sizes, by this September.

28 / August / 2016
How much and what’s included?

We are still getting emails asking us how much HB Rings cost and if chargers are included. We have done a simple schematic to show what comes as standard with each order.

27 / August / 2016
What happens?

When you put your HB Ring on a charger it will blink once then continue blinking few more times, indicating that it is charging. Currently HB Rings are charged via connector that sits between charger pin and HB Rings. Meanwhile we are working on more advanced charging method which we might announce this September. Find the video in the links below.

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26 / August / 2016
Will it fit?

When designing the Double Piano Black charger box we had many concerns about if it will fit into the environment of bedroom or living room, so we took it around for a check.

25 / August / 2016
More colors?

We get emails asking if we are not going to make white gold or polished stainless steel version of HB Rings. From the early days we considered many color variations, and we even manufactured prototypes for some of them. However, since we like things simple, we believed that all HB Rings should come in one color only, and at the last moment including Jet Black was a really hard decision for us. One day eventually we might introduce more color variations, but definitely it won't happen soon.

24 / August / 2016
One more secret.

We did not mention this earlier, but we are now in process of adding one additional function for HB Ring, which we call it an Automatic Mode. Once activated, your HB Ring will randomly during the day show you heartbeat of your loved one, unexpectedly surprising you.

23 / August / 2016
What will happen?

We get a lot of emails asking what will happen after 31 August or when we run out of available pairs. Well, we will be closing the pre-orders in either of cases, but not forever. Starting Oct 2016, if someone cancels their pre-order we will make these canceled orders available again, but those newly set orders will ship only late 2017.

22 / August / 2016
Credit to whom credit is due.

Few months after coming up with the idea of HB Ring we made a search, and it turned out there were people who had this idea even before. We came across an article from 2008 by Julia Werner et al. which describes a ring that can share heartbeat and give a physical feedback. Seeing this gave us confidence that we are not the only ones who think this would be great. Though, the idea was only a stepping stone that we started from and it took many years of doing the impossible, to make HB Ring as it is today. Nevertheless we want to give full credit for this idea to Julia Werner and her colleagues, unless someone has an earlier mention of such idea.

You can see the complete article here.

21 / August / 2016
The design wall.

This is the place where we curved the squares and cut the corners. Designing a ring sounded simple at the beginning, but the time showed that designing something simple, is literally so much harder than designing something complex. Since the beginning, one of the hardest things in designing HB Ring was to win more space inside, for fitting each needed component. We tried to exploit and combine all possible technological processes to curve and bend number of parts inside HB Ring to create even more space. We fought for every 0.05 mm, as for something of a size of HB Ring it makes such a big difference. Pictures on the wall show the major evolutionary steps that HB Ring went through during last 2.5 years.

20 / August / 2016
It will work.

HB Ring works on any finger of any of your hands. Well, see how it works on different finger in the links bellow.

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19 / August / 2016
Can I wear it on any finger?

Last two weeks we got hundreds of emails asking us if HB Ring can be worn on any finger and if it will still function properly. The answer is yes, it does not matter on which finger you wear your HB Ring, as long as it sits tight on your finger you are good to go. The reason why it has to sit thigh, is that there is no gap between heartbeat sensor and your finger which makes sure that your HB Ring can always read the heartbeat quickly and correctly.

18 / August / 2016
Why to have such a large sapphire?

Many ask why we have such a large unibody sapphire in the middle of the HB Ring, why it can not be just something from rose gold. First of all it is the most exposed surface on HB Ring, and sapphire makes it much more scratch resistant than any other material could. Well, of course more scratch resistant would be a unibody diamond housing, but for obvious reasons we did not consider that. Meanwhile, sapphire housing on HB Rings are more than just scratch resistant surfaces, they are actually functional parts. They help to minimize the amount of signal blocked form antenna hidden inside HB Rings. This ensures that your ring and smartphone can stay connected in range of up to 12 meters (39 feet), delivering the real-time heartbeat of your loved one directly to your HB Ring.

17 / August / 2016
It’s not thin.

We hear many say that HB Ring is not thin. Well, we know that it isn’t as thin as a classic wedding band. We would love to make HB Ring thinner, yet it's not as easy as some may think. Thickness of HB Ring is defined not by design, but by the amount of components that needs to be fitted in it and the measures of technological advancement in industries that manufacture those components. This industries mainly include polymer engineering, silicon chips and energy storage. Particularly the latest has major influence on it, since a lithium polymer batteries with enough capacity still take more space than we would like them to. Meanwhile, as technology advances in years to come, the thickness of HB Ring will reduce gradually.

16 / August / 2016
Another secret.

We did not want to release Jet Black HB Rings, well at least now. During all 2.5 years of development we were sure that black rings do not fit in the history, and we were absolutely convinced that we should keep them for later. Nevertheless, one day before opening pre-orders we decided to include them as well, and we see that you loved them. Currently over 30% of pre-orders are sets of Jet Black HB Rings, and about 40% from the rest include one Jet Black in the set. We could not find good connection to history for black rings, so it seems like we will be opening a new page.

15 / August / 2016
What if?

Many ask what if the ring is not able to read the real-time heartbeat of your loved one. This might happen due to number of reasons such as lost connection between the HB Rings and the phones, lost network connection, as well as if the other ring is not on the finger or is out of charge. For such cases HB Ring will blink twice indicating that it can't retrieve the real-time heartbeat, and instead it will show you the last stored heartbeat of your loved one. This means that you always keep the heartbeat of your loved one in your ring, which makes HB Ring even more precious. See the demo in the links below.

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14 / August / 2016
Pair, even when physically not next to each other.

HB Ring application lets you pair your rings even when you are not physically next to each other. It includes only 3 tabs: Your profile, your HB Ring info and profile of the person you are paired with. The user interface is designed to be simple and unnoticeable, only to support HB Rings from background.

13 / August / 2016
We retouch the fingers, but not the rings.

Both HB Rings shown in this picture are not photoshopped or retouched. This also implies to the lighting shown on the Rose Gold HB Ring on the left. The dynamic edges of unibody sapphire housing were designed to reflect the light at certain angle, hiding the inner structure, while lightning stripe was developed to have constant uniformity all around the HB Ring. This is why we always struggle to find hands perfect enough to match with HB Rings.

12 / August / 2016
We are overwhelmed.

During last few days we are overwhelmed with all the coverage that we receive. Above are only some of the media that wrote about HB Ring, and there are still few dozens of others from all over the world, which are not mentioned here. In course of last days we also received few thousand emails with different questions, as well as many touching letters, some of which even moved us to tears. We want to thank everyone for their support of the idea and the hard work that we put behind HB Rings.

11 / August / 2016
Fitting into the big picture.

HB Ring was designed with a respect to history and modern industrial design, making sure that it fits into the environment of our daily life. Every curve, radius and edge was mathematically studied and analyzed to make sure all proportions are rational and balanced. Its side cap elements are inspired by classic wedding bands of 20th century. The caps are split apart to make place for futuristic and complex unibody sapphire housing, with a dynamic radius. This creates the required space for accommodating all the technology, which makes HB Rings something so much more than just pretty design and precious materials.

10 / August / 2016
It’s not only about the rings.

All HB Ring chargers have high gloss Piano Black finish and exquisite soft inner padding. The charger boxes are developed together with largest German watch boxes manufacturer and the padding materials come from Swiss high-end cover material producer. Over last 8 months we went through all range of different materials and patterns to make sure that HB Ring sits in something very special, when it is not on your finger. Currently these are the most exquisite chargers offered for any wearable in the world.

9 / August / 2016
Not that simple.

From outside, HB Ring housing may seem very simply and round, yet it's not. It has very complex and functional inner cavities, which create space for all the components fitted inside. Number of Swiss watch manufacturers claimed that our design and dimensional requirements are impossible to fulfill, as we needed very thin walls, rapidly changing curvatures and thin edges. Well, Switzerland has many watch component manufacturers, and after years of search and many failures, we found a manufacturer who prove the opposite.

8 / August / 2016
Is it expensive?

Starting at $599 HB Rings can seem somewhat expensive, but that’s only at first glance. Some may think that the price is generated by the cost of uniqueness of the product or the development cost, which is not the case. In table above we compare the prices and the materials used in best products in our category. Simple glance will make it clear that materials used in HB Rings are 3-5 times more expensive than the once used in other products, and still not counting with the complexity and cost associated with manufacturing of those materials.

Taking the business model used in our industry, HB Ring price had to start at around  $1,200 – 1,500 for a pair, but we knew that this would be way above what many can afford. We choose not to sacrifice precious materials, nor anything else in HB Rings, and still set a price much lower than its market value, simply because we do this for something more than just revenue or profit.

7 / August / 2016
Testing the sapphire.

We made a short video for those who doubt that it is sapphire. See the links bellow.
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6 / August / 2016
Sapphire. Every small detail matters.

Sapphire is 2nd hardest material on Earth and it is quite a pain to machine it. Sapphire usually comes flat, and when we requested cylindrical sapphire many manufactures backed off, and some warned us that it won’t be cheap. Our first generation prototype had static radius at the edge, but we were not satisfied with that and requested something even more complex, a dynamic radius. Our initial sapphire manufacturer did not believe that dynamic radius can be achieved, so we had to let them go. Shortly after, we found manufacturer who successfully provided us with what we needed. It takes over 8 hours to machine 1 sapphire housing for HB Ring.

*First (left) and current (right) generation of HB Rings.

5 / August / 2016
It took more than 2 years to curve it.

Here is one of our early and latest prototypes of HB Ring. One may think it’s only about curving everything and making it round, yet it’s not as simple as it sounds like. Many components had to be custom developed and manufactured in order to fit in the new shape. One of the biggest challenges was to make a uniform lighting stripe all around sapphire in such a tight space. After 2 years of research both on molecular level of polymer studies, as well as tearing down everything what could potentially have similar solution, we finally solved it. The day we solved it, we had the biggest celebration up to day.

4 / August / 2016
OMG, what is that?

This is what we hear when we enter any tech store with HB Ring. We went around to show it to tech geeks and they loved it. They always wonder, when are they going to get it in their stores. Well, probably not soon…

3 / August / 2016
We will tell you a secret. 

Round ring was not what we were planning to make. At the beginning we were absolutely sure, that HB Ring has to be square. Nevertheless, after many prototypes and countless hours of shaping, it just did not work for us, so we had to cut some corners, well literally cut them.

2 / August / 2016
After 2.5 years listening that it's impossible...

Last 2.5 years we were told countless times that what we want to make is impossible, but we did not believe them. In our first post we would like to thank all those people and companies who believed in what we do and directly contributed to development of HB Ring. Many of them had no financial or any other material interest. We can’t thank them enough for their contribution which will always be remembered.

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