Measure Your Ring Sizes

Please follow the steps below, to use our size chart and find your correct ring sizes.

You will need:                                   

1. Check if the scale on the paper matches with the ruler. You can use both “cm” or “in” ruler. In case it does not match please check the printing properties and print it again.

2. Cut on the doted lines to reach ring size which seems closest to your finger size.

*You can wear your HB Ring on any finger of any hand.

3. Cut out the square around the ring.

4. Fold the square in half.

5. Cut out the ring from inner side.

6. Cut out the ring from outer side.

7. Try the paper cutout on your finger.

   *The cutout should be not too loose or too tight on the finger.
 **You can wear your HB Ring on any finger of any hand.

You can change your ring sizes anytime before they ship. Also, after receiving your HB Rings you can exchange them for different size, as long they are not used.

You can also find our ring size conversation chart here.

If you need to change your ring sizes please email us at