TheTouch’s mission is to make the most personal connecting tools. HB Ring is one of our first products and first ring in the world that lets you see and feel the real time heartbeat of your loved one directly on your ring. HB Ring was inspired by the belief of Vena amoris, and is set to continue its legacy, powered by modern day technology.

HB ring is a result of 2.5 years of research and development involving Czech, Swiss, German and Japanese manufacturers. Many manufacturing cycles were custom designed in order to produce and treat parts intended for HB Ring. In particular, the ring metal and sapphire housing were designed together with Swiss high-end watch manufacturing industry. Unique polymer composite solutions used in the ring, were developed together with Japanese and German manufacturers.

HB Ring is made out of sapphire and rose gold (stainless steel as standard), which makes the HB Ring not only precious and absolute pleasure to touch, but also very durable and practical, as sapphire is theoretically unscratchable. This means that after many years of use, your HB ring will still look fresh and new, unless you have your hands daily in pods of diamonds.

From the technological side, it is one of the most complex ring in the world. It is packed with a multidimensional flex-rigid PCB, which accommodates number of small modules to make possible its functions. Most important of all, it includes a very accurate heartbeat sensor, which is covered with sapphire glasses. Additionally, HB Ring is surrounded with a unique uniform lighting stripe, which was custom developed, to give the closest visual representation of a heartbeat in a vein. Such a large lighting area for such a small device is unique and not seen in the wearable of a similar size before.

HB Ring chargers are designed together with German manufacturer of high-end jewellery boxes, to ensure high quality and immense attention to details. They are the most exquisite chargers currently offered for any wearable device in the world.

HB Rings work in pair with specially developed application, both iOS and Android. Our iOS application is in beta testing and Android is in development process. The application lets you set your account and pair it with the loved one within seconds. Application was designed to pair two HB Rings even when they are physically not next to each other. After you set it, you only tap your ring, and it is ready to use.

HB Ring is simply great for people who are deeply in love and want to have something more than just precious materials or for the ones who believe that classic wedding rings are uncool and outdated. Meanwhile, HB Ring can be also a very useful tool for people in dangerous professions such as the Military, Police and etc., whose lives are daily in danger, allowing their close ones to worry less, without disturbing them. 

For more information on HB Ring, please check our FAQ or contact us.