We do not take new orders.

We keep receiving dozens of emails and messages a day asking when we will be taking new orders. Unfortunately, we have to announce that we did not take new orders instead of canceled ones (with an exception of 4 orders taken in April 2017), and we do not plan to do so. We also won't take any new orders for a new batch.

This does not mean that we are shutting down our operations, but that we won't make more of 1st generation HB Rings. This is due to the fact, that they are insanely complex and making them the way they are, cost us many times more, than we sell them for. Current generation of HB Rings will be completed once we deliver our last order.

For those of you who already ordered HB Rings, we plan to offer replacement rings and charger boxes, in case of loss or damages. We will also take care of your rings within warranty and afterwards throughout coming years, as long our company shall exist. Currently we cannot comment on the fact if we will be making a 2nd generation HB Rings, yet we plan to stay committed to the idea of making history.

Below see pictures from our completion process.