Updated Housings

Our long awaited HB Ring housings updated for wireless charging.

When we were designing HB Rings, we were facing a choice to make the housings with matte or polished finish. Even though matte surface finish is recently very trendy, we couldn't see matte finish resonate with the thousands years of history of rings, and the choice was obvious.

However, after very early prototyping it turned out that it is much harder to achieve fine polished surface, than a matte one, especially in small cylindrical shapes. Nevertheless, as you might already have noticed, we are not fond of easy solutions, but we like complexity and we held to our initial plan of having HB Rings with polished finish.

Below you can see HB Ring housings, both in Rose Gold and Jet Black in all sizes, surrounded by heartbeat sensor glasses. You can notice that new housings are missing the opening for wired - pin charger connector, as well as they have few other internal changes to accommodate the components for wireless charging.

Housings currently headed for the final assembly. More pictures and videos coming soon.