Solid Rose Gold HB Rings Delivery Update

For those of you who ordered Solid Rose Gold HB Rings, we would like to give an overview on our progress and delivery status.

As we mentioned since the first days, the Solid Rose Gold HB Rings are limited to 50 pairs only, and no more will be ever made. Out of 50 orders, we currently have 36 active ones, and we do not intend to take any new orders instead of canceled ones. 

As mentioned in our previous update, for Solid Rose Gold HB Rings each processing step, comes at a higher cost and takes way more manufacturing time. This is why when a small issue is found, it takes enormous amount of time before it is resolved.

After starting the assembly process, we discovered a tolerance issue inside the gold caps arches. While the deviation was very minor (0.05-0.08mm) it was casing issues with fitting some of the components inside the rings. After weeks of negotiations with our gold supplier and few new machining tools acquired, they were finally able to correct the issue. At his point, we believe all possible issues are addressed.

While our long delay is undesirable both for you and for us, we need to say that we are incredibly lucky to come to the point where we can complete and deliver Solid Rose Gold HB Rings, since though out last year we faced many challenges that could put a complete stop on the manufacturing.

At this point Solid Rose Gold HB Rings can be best described as a special commissioned jewelry, custom made in very small number.

We will start delivering first Solid Rose Gold HB Rings by December, and we will reach out to each of you to double check your ring sizes, once we get closer to your order.

Also, please see our main update on our progress here.