How To

30 / June / 2017
How to use HB Ring

Brief description on how to use HB Ring..

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1. Pair HB Ring With Your Phone
2. Use HB Ring Application
3. Use Size Chart
4. Convert Ring Sizes
Pair HB Ring With Your Phone

Follow this steps to pair your HB Ring with your phone. 

Make sure you already downloaded and logged in into HB Ring application.

IMPORTANT! Follow this process one ring at a time, to make sure each HB Ring is paired with right phone.

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Use HB Ring Application

You can now find our HB Ring application both in App Store and Google Play. The application serves as a hub for transferring your heartbeat from one HB Ring to another.

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Use Size Chart

Introduction on how to use our size chart. 

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Convert Ring Sizes

We made a simple conversion chart to help those of you who are still wondering which size will fit you the best.

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